Greensboro residents bear the heat with no power, AC

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Record-breaking heat is becoming especially unbearable for people living without power and air conditioning.

Locally, the more than 200 residents in Greensboro's Cascade Meadowview apartment complex are still without AC.

They've been without air for a week and a half, and Thursday morning windows remain wide open with fans on full blast.

"Yeah it's horrible. It's like living in an oven all day. It's rough," said Ian McIntosh, who has temporarily moved out of his unit.

Property managers have insisted the part to the broken AC unit is on its way.

Nationally, about 700,000 people along the East Coast and in the Midwest remain without power, due to last week's powerful storm system.

In the D.C. area, where most of the outages have occurred, government officials are giving thought to the costly move of burying power lines. Engineers estimate it could cost power companies $15 million per mile of buried line to perform the move (click here for more info).

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