U.S. Supreme Court ruling will affect everyone

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GREENSBORO, N.C. - Many will be watching the U.S. Supreme Courts expected decision Thursday on the constitutionality of the Health Care reform law. 

"We're definitely waiting on pins and needles," says Felicia Williams whose 5 year old son Ethan was born with a vascular tumor. 

Medicaid and Felicia's husband's insurance helped cover the cost of expensive treatments, but the family worries reversing the health care law would nullify the provision requiring coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions like Ethan. 

"I'm definitely concerned that if it's overturned they're gonna look into [Ethan's] medical history and drop him," said Williams.

Small business owners will be watching too. 

If the high court approves the health care law companies with more than 50 employees will be forced to provide health insurance or face a $2,000 dollar fine per employee.  

"Business owners want to buy valuable medical coverage for their employees they want to provide it, but putting the government in the middle of it is going to make it more costly and less effective," says small business owner Don Barefoot.   

As president and CEO of C12 group, a Christian based business, based in Greensboro, Barefoot works to help and support Christian business owners across the country. 

Barefoot believes health care reform could push some small business owners, barely hanging on, out of business and for those of faith to pay for medical procedures they don't agree with like abortions. 

"It's just one more tax on small business folks or getting them to violate their conscious.  It’s a level of tyranny that is stunning," said Barefoot.

The high court is expected to announce their ruling Thursday at 10 a.m.