Fake cop allegedly pulls over real cop, gets arrested

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Anthony Kenneth Mastrogiovanni, 29, of Crofton.

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. — Police in Maryland say a man impersonating a police officer found himself at the wrong end of the law when he tried to pull over a real off-duty cop.

Anthony Kenneth Mastrogiovanni, 29, of Crofton, activated police lights in the windshield of his white pickup truck on Wednesday and attempted a traffic stop.

But the man Mastrogiovanni pulled over was an off-duty police officer driving his private vehicle.

The off-duty officer identified himself and Mastrogiovanni responded he was a military police officer from Louisiana and that the officer was speeding. Police said the officer told Mastrogiovanni that he had no jurisdiction and that the blue and red emergency lights were illegal in Maryland.

Mastrogiovanni fled, but the officer followed and called Prince George’s County police, who arrested Mastrogiovanni.

Credit: The Associated Press.

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