Woman loses cellphone with late husband’s pictures inside

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GREENSBORO, N.C.-- A local woman offers a reward for her missing cell phone that contained irreplaceable pictures of the widows late-husband.

Lately, it seems like Donna Edwards just can't catch a break. Edward's home was broken into two years,  she hurt herself while on the job  last year, and Wednesday she misplaced her cellphone. Edwards is not upset about the missing cellphone. But what's stored inside the phone makes a world of difference to her.

Edwards "Samsung Captive Android" has photos of her late-husband Roy Edwards Jr. during the last year of his of life. Edwards said her husband died from leukemia last summer.

"It's just been a chaotic year for my family," Edwards said.

Edwards believes she misplaced her phone while shopping for her family in Greensboro.

Edwards stated that she went to Wal-Mart and K-mart Wednesday and says she left her cellphone at the public restroom at K-mart. When she noticed it was missing, it was too late and the cellphone was gone.

"Those pictures are priceless to me," said Edwards.

Due to the family's situation, Edwards said she was not able to transfer her husband's pictures to a camera.Edwards said she was planning on turning the photos into a scrapbook for her 13-year-old son.

Edwards believes her chances of getting her phone back maybe slim, but she hopes an honest person will just bring it back.

"I don't care about how and why. I just want my phone back," said Edwards.

Edwards is offering a small reward for the phone and can be reached at dsedwards611@gmail.com