Taxing sweepstakes outlets examined by NC House

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(Credit: 2010, Bruce Chapman/JOURNAL)

RALEIGH, N.C. — A bill that would levy state taxes on North Carolina video sweepstakes outlets is getting a hearing in the House, but senators aren’t interested in joining in.

The House Finance Committee scheduled a meeting Thursday in part to consider a bipartisan bill that attempts to regulate the electronic games while tapping them for state revenue.

Sweepstakes machines got a boost in March when the state Court of Appeals struck down the Legislature’s 2010 ban on them. The ruling is being appealed but Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue suggested taxing and regulating the machines if courts say they can’t be banned.

Republican leaders in the Senate don’t want anything to do with the games. Senate Rules Chairman Tom Apodaca said Wednesday there are no plans to consider the idea.

Credit: The Associated Press.