Pizza Industry takes on Uncle Sam

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ARCHDALE, N.C. - Tommy Provence is like many American's when it comes to pizza,  he likes it. Recently, Provence lost 25 pounds and every now and then -- enjoys a slice of Pizza.  But, if a new healthcare bill becomes law his favorite Pizza restaurant will be forced to print on their menu board exactly how many calories are in that slice.  

"I think most Americans are obese anyway, and I think it will be a really good thing," said Provence.

Provence believes restaurant owners should tell you what’s in your food as a courtesy, not mandated by the government.  "We are a democracy and I think our government is controlling too much of our lives right now," said Provence.

The new healthcare law being debated would require Pizza chains with more than 20 locations to print how many calories are in each slice on their menu board. 

"We've calculated that you can do 34-million different types of pizza," said Lynn Liddle with Domino's. 

Liddle is working with many other pizza chains to stop the new law, not because they are hiding the calorie intake, but because of all the ways to order pizza.

"Most of our customers in pizza stores order online or even over the phone. They don't look at a menu-board and make their decision that way. So we're not only doing it in a way that's expensive for a small-business person, we're doing it in a way that would be too confusing," said Liddle.

A spokesman with the FDA, who would enforce the bill, said they are working to make adjustments to the proposed legislation.