BBB: Beware of door-to-door alarm salesmen

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. --The Better Business Bureau of Northwest North Carolina has issued a warning for people to be cautious when answering the door to people claiming to be with alarm companies.

The BBB says in the past week it's received nearly a dozen complaints from people uncomfortable with the high pressure sales tactics and in some cases frightened after the salesmen tried to enter their home.

It happened to Winston-Salem resident Faye Calder's elderly friend, "I could tell she was uncomfortable," says Calder.

Calder says her elderly, disabled friend felt pressured to let the sales team in and once inside they talked the woman into signing an expensive contract and began taking out the old alarm system with much explanation.

Jim Calder says ,"it infuriates me, especially with this lady that is 78 and she can only get around with a roll around walker."

The Calder's friend is one of several who've filed complaints about high pressure sales tactics or supposed service calls.

The BBB says it appears older people are the targets.

"One of the folks was approached by person in t-shirt,  no vehicle walking around and no i-d," says Northwest North Carolina B.B.B. President David Dalrymple. "You don't know who dealing, some have said they want to check the voltage of the system," he says. \

 Dalrymple says never open your home to someone, even if they have nice pamphlets or business cards. Dalrymple says it could be someone trying to stake out your home and it's security for potential thieves.

The B.B.B. says ask for procedures, promises, and fees in writing and ask about monitoring. They also recommend taking your time saying if the salesman is legitimate  you can call and set up an appointment after you've considered all options.

And remember says Faye Calder, "there is a lot of pressure cause they get to make money on what they sell."