How to detect warning signs to keep children safe

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Knowing the signs is the best protection against inappropriate behavior with children says body language expert, Blanca Cobb, who has researched child sexual abuse. With pedophiles, the contact may originally appear normal.

"It starts out as a touch to the shoulder. Hi, good to see you or hey look at that haircut it looks great."  But, Cobb says a pedophile could be setting the stage to see how much further they can go.

As a mom, she teaches her kids to set their boundaries.

"Empower our children to listen to that 6th sense and what it means. Embrace it."

When parent's become concerned about whats going on with their children Cobb said, "It's better to be wrong than to be sorry."

Guilford County Sheriff's detectives warn that its important to watch your own child's behavior for signs that they might be victims.

"[A child] that is very outgoing, may become withdrawn," said Detective Chrystal Overcash, and in some cases signals could actually be in reverse. A child that is normally withdrawn may become bolder or more risque.

Overcash said just because someone is well known or respected in the community doesn't  mean they should be trusted.

"Sometimes these guys are good... ... they not only fool the child, they fool the parent," said Overcash.