Criminal Interdiction Team fights drug trafficking

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A new unit within the Greensboro police department can take credit for the stop and eventual arrest of a man driving along interstate 40 with a mobile meth lab.

The criminal interdiction team has only been in operation since December 2011, according to it's supervisor, Corporal Ben Altizer, but they're already seized illegal contraband. "Anywhere from narcotics trafficking, fraud, counterfeit, stolen vehicles," he said.

The criminal interdiction team, made up of four officers and a supervisor, looks for criminal activity passing through Greensboro's highways. In the first 6 months they've seized a pound of meth, 1,372 grams of weed and $144,500 in drug money.

Officers say there are a couple common misconceptions about their work. They don't just pull over all cars with out-of-state license plates. The officers are trained to look for suspicious behavior on the road - secrets they're not willing to share with the public.

Corporal Altizer says the criminal activity goes on in other places beyond the interstates. "We have US 220, 68, US 29 from Virginia," Corporal Altizer said.

The unit has seized stolen vehicles, drugs and drug money, as well as counterfeit money. They have a new K-9 officer starting training next week.