TIMCO Aerosystems may expand at PTI

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – A local aeronautics company announced that it wants to expand and is considering doing so at Piedmont Triad International Airport.

TIMCO Areosystems announced on Thursday that it is considering expanding its operations. The company that repairs commercial, government and military aircraft is considering PTI along with airports in Georgia and Florida.

"We are at capacity. We've been at capacity for a while," said Kip Blakely, TIMCO’s Vice President. "Instead of sitting back and enjoying our fortunes we want to grow and we want to expand."

TIMCO has four hangars at PTI, but hangars 1, 2, and 3 are separated from Hangar 4 by a wooded piece of property which is owned by the Airport Authority.

If PTI is chosen, Blakely is hoping the airport will lease them the land so they can build a two new hangars.

Airport Authority Chairman, Henry Isaacson believes TIMCO will get what it needs here at home.” We will do everything necessary to accommodate their needs,” Isaacson said.

UNCG Economist, Andrew Brod believes expanding into aviation is a very good fit for the areas economy.

“An expansion by a company like Timco is a very good thing for this kind of economy, said Brod. They're good jobs, they fit into a niche that we're trying to develop… it’s hard to see anything bad about it.”

If TIMCO expands their operations at PTI, it would increase their current labor force by adding 400 new jobs.

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