Elon Grad using popular song to land job

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ELON, N.C. -- Carly Rae Jepson's music video "Call me maybe" has been watched nearly 100,000,000  times on YouTube. It has sparked elaborate, choreographed parodies around the country, and now an Elon graduate is using that same tune to stand out to potential employers.

"I figured, I really have nothing else to do -- except applying for jobs," said Grace Sweeney, "I might as well spend an afternoon creating a video that was funny and kind of showed what I was capable of doing."

"I have a bachelors degree, Elon University, journalism with a minor in theatre arts, worked on Phoenix 14, won a college emmy," sang Sweeney, in the viral video.

Sweeney is trying to break into the entertainment news business.  She just moved from the Piedmont back home with her parents in a suburb of Chicago. 

While Sweeney doesn't have any job prospects yet, she has gotten a lot of attention on social media.

"This market is really tough... being creative, showing that you're outgoing and doing something different, employers do think it's interesting and do admire that," said Sweeney.

The Executive Director of the Elon Career Center isn't surprised Sweeney made this video.

"This is pretty typical of Elon students.  They think outside of the box.  How can I make an impact? What are the types of things I can do to get noticed.  The economy is throwing up a roadblock.  What are some other ways I can get in touch... network myself and get a job," said Tom Vecchione.

Nearly half of all Elon students find a job right after graduation.  A quarter of them go on to grad school.

"We're seeing that the market is not as bad as you may be hearing," said Vecchione.

Even so, Sweeney is doing everything she can to stand out.

"I swear I look great on the tv, but here's my resume, employ me maybe," she sang.

Sweeney also included a link to her actual video resume on YouTube along with her contact information.

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