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Greensboro Reverend inspires peaceful protest

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Many people are still outraged by a Maiden, North Carolina Pastor's comments.

Not long after President Obama said he supported gay marriage, Pastor Charles Worley gave a sermon saying gays should be kept behind an electric fence until they die.

"It kind of broke my heart. We needed a North Carolina minister to say we're not all that way," said Reverend Mark Sandlin of Vandalia Presbyterian Church in Greensboro.

Sandlin began blogging about a peaceful protest.

"There are other viewpoints within the christian church about the LGBT community," he said.

He suggested giving money to the LGBT non-proft organization in Pastor Worley's name and his idea took off.  The LGBT community in Charlotte is asking for donations in the pastor's name, then sending him postcards so he'll know about it.

"He'll get mailings from them, educational material, know a little bit about it, but more importantly LGBT non-profits will be able to respond and have a little bit more funding to get a counter message out there."

The postcard reads, "This donation in your name will go toward advancing our goal of promoting diversity and acceptance."

"I also hope it sends the message of we're not going to sit silently on the sidelines when someone is being that aggressive towards any particular group," said Sandlin.

Sandlin is surprised, but happy his idea gained so much attention, although he said he wouldn't have come up with it if it weren't for his friends on facebook.

"It was a group effort, a collection of people trying to come up with a loving response to what we saw as not a particularly loving message," said Sandlin.

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