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Davidson Co. students suspended after bus fight, video posted on YouTube

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LEXINGTON, N.C. - A YouTube video posted online Wednesday captures two 13-year-old Central Davidson Middle School girls in an all-out brawl. 

In the video, students can be heard laughing and enticing the girls to fight as the school bus driver keeps driving never stopping the bus to break up the fight.

She just started calling me a whore," said student Dawn Elliott who admits she is in the video beating classmate Taylor Russell.

Both students have different stories as to how the fight started. 

"If anyone has any kids out there being bullied, put a stop to it before it gets like this," said Russell's mother Tracy Cooper who says her daughter has been a victim of bulling too long. 

"I've been down there all school year about this bullying, they would put a stop to it and it started right back," said Cooper. 

Elliott says she is not a bully and that her and Russell have not gotten along in several years and fought several times. 

Both girls are now suspended and Elliott faces a juvenile assault charge.

Russell suffered a broken nose during the fight.

Parents of both students are upset the school bus driver never stopped the bus or the fight which can be seen on the video. 

"He should be fired, he should of stopped that bus, broke it up, turned it around and went back to the school house. He should be fired for that," said Cooper.

Davidson County School spokeswoman Meredith Palmer would not comment on student discipline matters or personnel matters.

The mother of the student who recorded the fight and posted it on YouTube, says she's very disappointed in her daughter and has made her daughter remove the video from YouTube.