Naturalization service welcomes new Americans

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – On Friday, over 50 immigrants pledged their allegiance to the United States during a naturalization ceremony at the federal courthouse.

Immigrants from Colombia, Korea and all around the world renounced their previous citizenship and became Americans.

Lorena Soltys emigrated from Mexico and married an American lawyer. She said today is a proud day.

"A lot of people wanted to be here because in their countries it's not easy. People who live here have wonderful things and they should be proud," said Soltys.

And now there is one thing Soltys can’t wait to do. “And now, I can vote. The elections are coming and I am very, very excited about that,” said Soltys.

Prior to naturalization the candidates spent five to ten years -- studying U.S. history, learning to read and write in English and filling out paperwork.

A majority of today’s newest citizens were from South East Asia, specifically Laos and Vietnam.