How to Pay for Greensboro’s Performing Arts Center?

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Supporters of the proposed performing arts center in Greensboro hosted a forum on Wednesday to discuss ways of paying for the center.

The proposed performing arts center which would be built in downtown Greensboro will cost an estimated $50 million. In order to continue with plans for the center supporters have to identify a way to fund the project.

So far a variety of resources are being considered including a $10 million from a hotel tax, $10 million from private donors and the remaining $30 million could come from a potential bond referendum.

Ron Harris and the rest of the task force are re-evaluating and looking for ways to make a proposed bond referendum feasible for tax payers. "There's sales tax, there are parking deck revenues, there are a whole host of things that the city staff will be looking at" said Harris.

"Its a matter of getting feedback from the community, if this something we want to be build then then this is something we need to figure out as community how to build it," said Harris.

Steve Bird lives and works in downtown Greensboro said he's sold on the center and its price tag. "Any city investment in this would be my tax money well spent," said Bird.

Sara Miller thinks a performing arts center is a good idea. "That's a lot of money, I don't know what they could do to lower it."