Woman claims her dog can smell cancer

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A pet owner in Georgia who was given the "all clear" from breast cancer claims she beat the disease after it was discovered by her cancer-sniffing dog.

Carol Witcher, 67, who lives near Atlanta, claims her 9-year-old boxer "Floyd" smelled the illness and pawed at her right breast. After four days of the pet pawing at her, the dog rescuer went to see a doctor that confirmed she had stage three breast cancer.

"He pushed real hard for one shot, then he looked at me straight in the face, took his right foot and began to paw my right breast," said Witcher.

Witcher said when she told doctor, medics were not surprised and "believed every word she said."

Researchers at the University of Arkansas's medical school are currently studying whether dogs can detect ovarian cancer from urine samples. The research is said to be in "the early stages."

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