Winston-Salem wading pools won’t be open Memorial Day

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Public wading pools for children 6-years-old and younger will not be open for the Memorial Day weekend and possibly the entire summer.

Due to changes made in the American's with Disabilities Act, public wading pools will be required to include two-ways for persons with disabilities to get in and out of the water.

To comply with the new standards, City of Winston-Salem had started construction on its’ renovations of the wading pools but stopped after finding out that the regulations could change again.

"We had to stop because we don't want to waste money doing a job that they (the Federal Government) changed minds for how wanted they wanted it done," says Dick Butler, Winston-Salem's pool supervisor. 

On Monday, new deadlines were announced but because the rules were not clearly defined, the city is waiting to decide how to proceed with the smaller pools.

 “We are looking at the new guidelines that aren't out yet, so for now no wading pools will be open and likely for the entire season." said Butler.

Bolton and Kimberley Park are the only public Winston-Salem pool facilities with splash parks toddlers can also use.

With wading pools closed, families with small children will have to swim in the big pool.

Butler says those pools will have infant and toddler life jackets for those under six wishing to use the big pool.

Butler said, "be patient and there will be something new and improved for 2013."