Cyclists gather for Ride of Silence

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Bicyclists from across gathered in Guilford County on Wednesday for a ride purposed to draw attention to cyclists who share the road with motorists.   

"Tonight's ride is to make others aware... The road is there for all to share," cyclist Ross Hiller said, reciting a poem before Greensboro's annual Ride of Silence.

Hiller is still recovering from injuries after getting hit by a driver last December off Lake Brandt Road.

"Unfortunately the rider didn't see me and I was hit from behind. From there I was thrown into a mailbox and a yard," Hiller said.

Hiller, along with dozens of other riders, wore a red arm band to signify he has been injured while riding.  Dozens more wore black in memory of cyclists killed by a distracted driver.

The most recent accident took the life of Kathy Shubert, who was hit and killed in Summerfield in April.  She was an experienced cyclist and triathlete. 

"It was an absolute shock. She knew what she was doing out there. She wasn't all over the road and dangerous or anything like that," said John Hepburn, who used to ride with Shubert.

Stories like Shubert's make Susan Abels much more apprehensive when riding.

"It scares me on the road if I'm riding by myself," Abels said.  "I have chosen ever since David Sherman was killed I do not ride by myself."

Hiller said he hopes more drivers will pay closer attention to their surroundings and share the road so no other cyclists will have to suffer the consequences.

"I was lucky that I'm not a statistic, but I'm proof that it can happen," Hiller said.

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