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Overgrown lots reported in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Rodents are becoming an issue for a neighborhood in Greensboro with one resident having grass that is 4-5 feet high.

Brenda Barksdale has been dealing with an overgrown yard just two doors down from her home on Erwin Street.

"Look at the windows, look at the shrubbery, look at the grass," Barksdale said.

What they're going through is just the tip of the iceberg for Greensboro city leaders. The city has spent $160,000 so far this year on overgrown lots. Last year the total amount spent was $140,000.

The first thing the city says you should do if you see a problem occurring in your neighborhood, is contact them.

The city will then send a letter to the property owner to fix the problem. The property owner has ten days to comply. If they don't  the city cleans up the property, and charges the owner.

In the meantime, Barksdale will have to wait until May 23 to see if the grass will be cut.That is the deadline that the city has given Arco Realty who owns the property.

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