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Central Davidson High School may start drug testing student athletes

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- West Davidson High School is currently the only high school in Davidson County that randomly drug tests it's student athletes, but the principal at Central Davidson High School wants her school to be the second.

"Our student athletes are in formidable years where we want to teach them positive healthy habits, and we want to also teach them that it's OK to say no," Tabitha Broadway, principal of CDHS, said.

Broadway was also the principal at WDHS last year when she and the school's athletic director, Charles Elmore, started the initiative with the booster club.

This past school year, WDHS tested 60 student athletes and had only one test positive.  That student later proved that they were prescribed the drug for which they had tested positive.

"I'd like to believe that if there are no positive tests then we've done exactly what we intended to do -- which is discourage the use of illegal drugs," Broadway said.

Now at CDHS, Broadway suggested random drug testing to athletic director Gene Poindexter and the booster club. Both were on board with the idea.

"We just hope it gives our kids an opportunity to do the right thing," Poindexter said.

The Davidson County School Board will vote on the proposal at its June meeting. The proposal is expected to pass.

Booster clubs at West and Central will pay for the testing.

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