House Call: How to care for summer skin

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Although using sunscreen is a great method of protecting your skin and preventing sun damage, many people are hesitant to use it because of skin sensitivities.

For those who are prone to break-outs or have sensitive skin, it is important to pay attention to the labels and ingredients when selecting a sunscreen — look for products that indicate oil-free, fragrance-free and/or chemical-free.

Many sunscreens will have labels that include skin type recommendations, such as “for oily/acne prone skin”. Using antioxidants hand-in-hand with sunscreen during the summer provides even more protection against UV ray damage as well as aging.

These antioxidants are applied topically, and should be integrated with your daily, morning routine.  Vitamin C is most highly recommended, especially during summer. Because skin types vary and certain types of topical antioxidants are more effective than others, individuals should consult with a licensed esthetician to choose the right option.

During the summer, pores in the skin may become more clogged than usual due to increased use of sunscreen or skin may become more sensitive with increased sun exposure. Therefore it is extremely important to keep up with a deep-cleansing regimen, especially during the summer months.

For individuals with dryer skin, choose cleansing products that contain alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid. And for individuals with oily or blemish-prone skin, choose cleansing products with beta hydroxyl acids such as salicylic acid.

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Spokesperson Background:

Kelly Patterson is a licensed clinical esthetician at Greensboro Dermatology Associates and a member of the Cone Health Clinical Staff. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina. She then received specialized training in Aesthetics from the National Aesthetics Institute of Charlotte. Kelly specializes in medical grade chemical peel techniques and microdermabrasion.

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