Obama’s Afghanistan speech difficult for fallen Marine’s mother

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Watching the President Barack Obama's speech from Afghanistan Tuesday was somewhat difficult for Amanda Sheek.

Eleven years ago her son, Jacob Levy, was just 11 himself. Back then, Jacob didn't know what he wanted to be back then, but he grew up to be a Marine--one who died fighting for his country.

"He always talked about wanting to be a part of something bigger than what he was and he is," Sheek said.

Levy was shot in the head by a sniper while giving ammo to a fellow Marine in Afghanistan. It has only been five months since his death.

"It takes a lot to get up every morning and Mother's Day is coming and he won't be here physically. But I know I'll be OK," Sheek said.

Even though her son is no longer in the war, her son's friends are.

Sheek still wants to know as much as she can about what is going on in Afghanistan. That's one reason why, on her break from massage school in Greensboro, she watched President Obama speak.

"He talks about it's been a year for Bin Laden being gone, and it seems like yesterday when it happened and Jacob was coming home for the first time. I guess the tough part for me is--I understand it was a monumental moment what we did, but it's not over," Sheek said.

The president signed a strategic partnership committing U.S. troops to provide aid to Afghanistan for ten years after the withdrawal date in 2014.

"This stuff's been going on way too long," Sheek said. "It's time for them to come home."

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