Edwards Trial Day 7: Cheri Young denies resentment

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Cheri Young enters the federal courthouse in Greensboro on May 1, 2012. (WGHP Photo)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — For the second day in a row, the wife of a former aide to John Edwards was cross-examined by defense attorneys seeking to clear the ex-presidential candidate of charges that he used nearly $1 million in campaign donations to hide an affair with a pregnant mistress from the public.

Alan Duncan, an attorney with Edwards’ defense and chairman of the Guilford County School Board, spent the majority of Tuesday morning’s court session questioning Cheri Young — the wife of Andrew Young, Edwards’ former aide who once claimed paternity to a child conceived by Edwards and his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

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When questioning Cheri Young, Duncan asked if she thought her husband was a liar.  He also asked if Andrew ever had problems with his memory, citing that he takes Ambien to help him sleep and that he previously admitted to drinking much in the years before Edwards’ bid for the White House.

Duncan spent much of the morning probing Cheri for any resent she and her husband might carry toward Edwards.  He once suggested that Edwards was the “third person” in their marriage and that the couple was out to “get” Edwards.

Cheri, with a hint of emotion, responded by explaining that she has no resentment toward Edwards. She said she acted most out of love for her family.

When asked about her husband’s book, which revealed much about the allegations regarding Edwards’ 2008 campaign, Cheri said Andrew wrote it because Edwards hadn’t told the truth about the paternity of Rielle Hunter’s baby.

Edwards admitted that he fathered the child one week before the book was released.

“I came here because I had to come here,” she noted while addressing that she has no “economic interest” in the trial at hand.  However, she wasn’t as coy when it came to a motive for her husband’s book getting published.

The court room had repopulated and the trial was underway again by 1:45 p.m.  Cheri Young is expected to remain on the stand for the rest of Tuesday afternoon.

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