Geese found tangled in string across pond

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A woman said a nylon grid intended to keep Canada geese away from a pond instead caused some geese to get stuck.

Joyce Bondurant said she was returning a lost baby goose to a retention pond near the intersection of White's Mill Road and Skeet Club Road Monday when she found more geese that needed help.

"It was the most horrific, cruel, inhumane thing I have seen in my life," Bondurant said.

She took pictures of what she saw.

"Two were dead. One was really struggling, and there was another one that had his wing caught in the nylon and his wing was distorted," Bondurant said.

The struggling goose did eventually break free and used its wings to crawl into the nearby woods. Officers from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission rescued the injured goose and took it to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro for treatment.

Nylon grids are legal and are used to encourage geese to find a new pond.

Wildlife officers will check to see if the nylon grid contractor has the necessary skills to be an installer. So far, it appears the entanglement was just a terrible accident.

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