Edwards Trial Day 6: Andrew Young’s wife on the stand

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Cheri Young (WGHP)

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The wife of ex-aide Andrew Young, who falsely claimed paternity of John Edwards’ baby, took back to the witness stand on Monday as the two-time presidential candidate’s trial resumed in Greensboro.

An emotional Cheri Young began her testimony by recounting her husband’s first years as an aide to the former U.S. senator and Democratic vice-presidential nominee.

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Cheri Young said she was “disgusted” when her husband asked her to put the campaign funds used to mask Edwards’ affair in their own checking accounts. She said her main opposition to the move was the legality of it.

Cheri said she then received a phone call from John Edwards, during which Edwards tried to assure her that moving the funds to their accounts would in fact be legal.

By the time Rielle Hunter, Edwards’ pregnant mistress, came to live in the Young’s North Carolina home, Cheri Young said she became intimidated.

Cheri Young detailed issues with keeping the affair from affecting their life at home, such as with troubles explaining to their children why Hunter was living with them. The only explanation they had, she said, was “She (Hunter) is from Daddy’s work.”

Perhaps the strangest statement from Friday morning’s testimony was when Cheri Young recalled an instance in which Hunter called upon her “spiritual adviser” to address a mistake in a dinner order.

Cheri Young is expected to remain on the stand throughout the rest of Friday’s hearing.

The Youngs are crucial to making the government’s case that Edwards masterminded a scheme to use about $1 million from wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress as he sought the White House in 2008.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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