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Woman says wildcat attacked her horse in Davidson Co.

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- A Lexington woman believes a wildcat attacked her horse, Magic, last week, causing her to get more than 80 stitches.

Sherry Todd said the attack, which Magic survived, happened last Thursday on the family's farm in Lexington.

"If this had been a child, it wouldn't have had a chance," Todd said.

Todd said she believes a mountain lion lion attacked Magic, but the North Carolina Wildlife Commission said there's no evidence that mountain lions exist in the state. Wildlife officials said it was probably a bobcat.

However, when pictures of Magic's injuries were shown to wildlife experts at the North Carolina Zoo, the word bobcat didn't even come up. They believe Magic's injuries are from something much bigger. They can't confirm if it's a mountain lion or cougar.

"I'm really afraid. I go outside at night with these animals. Will it come back?" Todd said.

Magic is still in pain and will have to take antibiotics for a while.

"She doesn't want you to touch her. She is just real paranoid that something is going to happen to her," Todd said.

Wildlife experts said the public should not worry. Large cats are not known to attack humans, but they advised that, if possible, people should keep from leaving food out.