Coltrane Festival organizers plan to ask High Point for $50k

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Organizers of the John Coltrane Jazz Festival plan to ask the City of High Point for $50,000, but there is some disagreement over whether the money received last year was a grant of a loan.

The festival received $32,000 from the city last year. Last year's festival generated about $27,000 in profits.

Some councilmembers said the money was a loan that hasn't been paid back yet. However, some organizers said they believed the money was a grant.

Either way, organizers said they don't want last year to cause problems this year.

"Either the city forgives us, or we are asked to pay it back. Just give us a format in which to do it, and let's move on. This is too exciting a project for High Point" said Barbara Taylor, secretary of Friends of John Coltrane.

Guilford County also pitched in some money for last year's festival, but the new budget proposal includes no money for this year's event.

This year's festival is scheduled for Sept. 1 at Festival Park.