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Hundreds ticketed in Piedmont speeding crackdown

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Police sent a message to Piedmont drivers with a lead foot over the past few days by writing speeding tickets. A lot of them.

Last week, law enforcement handed out more than 13,000 speeding tickets as part of the statewide "No Need 2 Speed" campaign.

Guilford County ranked in the top three counties where officers stopped the most speeders. Officers wrote about 800 speeding tickets throughout the county last week.

The interstates, Eastchester Drive, and Wendover Avenue were among the hot spots for speeders.  Officers also said they bust a lot of speeders on back roads like Willard Road and Gallimore Dairy Road, as well as in neighborhoods.

Across the Piedmont, 502 speeding tickets were written in Forsyth County, while 140-170 such tickets were written in each of Alamance, Davidson and Rockingham counties.

On an average day, High Point Officer Danny Bundy writes anywhere from five to ten speeding tickets.

"If we can encourage people to watch their speed and slow down, we're going to decrease the chance of crashes occurring and people getting killed in those crashes."

Heather Unger lives in the Nottingham neighborhood in High Point. She calls it speedway central.  She sees drivers speed through her street and use it as a shortcut.

"A lot of people use this to cut through from Wendover to Penny Road just to skip the spotlights," Unger said.

Unger wants the cops to give out as many tickets as they need, whether it's on the highway or in a neighborhood driveway.  She just wants drivers to get the message to slow down.

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