Baby delivered in parking lot in Alamance Co.

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MEBANE, N.C. -- A mom is thanking a volunteer firefighter and a nurse for safely delivering her newborn baby girl in a parking lot on Wednesday.

Rebecca Parrish and her husband tried to make it to Durham Regional Hospital, but they didn't get even close. She told her husband that she wasn't going to make it to the hospital and to pull over.

"I know a lot of times babies don't follow their birth plans, but I really did not see that one coming," Rebecca Parrish said.

Audio: Listen to 911 call

Aaron Conn is a nurse at Hawfield Nursing Home. He ran out to help the Haw River couple.

"The baby was coming out pretty much," Conn said.

A few minutes later, Swepsonville volunteer firefighter Taylor Ray showed up.

"They did tell us it was a possible breech birth, so it made everyone a little nervous to begin with, but everything turned out better than it could've. I will say that," Ray said.

About 15 minutes later, baby Kaylee was born.

"I was really impressed with the mother, how strong she was, how calm she was and confident. She was the real hero," Conn said.

This delivery was a first for both Conn and Ray.

"Let's give it a little bit of time before we have another one. That's all I got to say," Ray said.

Rebecca Parrish gave the two guys her approval and a thank you on Thursday. Kaylee is Rebecca's first daughter.

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