Yellow Dot Program to help first responders identify medical conditions faster

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford County emergency officials have announced a new way they can better help those with medical conditions that make it difficult to communicate.

The Yellow Dot Program uses yellow stickers to alert first responders of such medical conditions. The stickers can be placed on your front door and on your car.

Steve Zimmerman with the Greensboro Fire Department explained what would happen if an emergency worker came across a yellow dot during a traffic accident.

“That means there’s certain information that they can find in the glove box that’s going to be able to let us do a better level of service out there on the street,” Zimmerman said. “Each one of us is going to be on that traffic accident, so if we can do a better job, maybe we can save a life better there.”

If the sticker is found on the front door of a house, EMS crews know to look on the refrigerator for an emergency information sheet that has your medical information on it.

If you would like to join the program, call the Guilford County Sheriff’s office or the Greensboro Fire Department.

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