“No regional dump,” says residents to Rockingham Co. Commissioners

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WENTWORTH, N.C. -- Residents in Rockingham County packed the county commissioners public hearing Monday night on the proposal to expand the county landfill.

“Straight to your face, it’s a load of crap, straight up and down, and I think they can take it and shove it,” said one resident against the landfill expansion.

Two waste companies, PBK and Advanced Disposal, approached county leaders with a proposal to create a single, public-private regional landfill and the current county landfill.

If approved, company officials said the county would receive a significant amount of money, plus a bonus once trash from nearby cities and counties are brought in.

“Why should Rockingham County be a dump for Guilford County,” said Marylyn Sharpe, a lifelong resident of Rockingham County.

Only two residents spoke in favor of the expansion.

“We're in trouble. I don’t have to spell it out for you. It's here. Your choice is: do you leap the county forward or do the same you’ve done for the last 16 years and hope for better results?” said resident William Osborne, who believed the expansion could help the county dealing with high unemployment.

Commissioners said more waste companies are looking at the county and did not take action on the proposals.  Commissioners are consulting with a firm to conduct an environmental study to learn more about the idea of a regional landfill.

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