Off-duty firefighter saves Greensboro man’s life

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Going to work wasn't even on Greensboro Firefighter Scott Robbins' mind, "This ain't suppose to be happening."

The firefighter was off-duty. Robbins was doing yardwork on the corner of Cornwallis and Dellwood in Greensboro. "I seen Mr. Spence when he pulled up to the stop sign and kind of noticed something wasn't right and I kept an eye on him because he sat there a minute."

59 year-old Bill Spence had a heart attack behind the wheel. He lost control of his van and crashed it into a utility pole down the road. "You don't think about it, you just go on and do it."

In a matter of seconds, Robbins turned from off-duty to the first responder. He wasn't able to find a pulse on Mr. Spence so he started CPR.

"Kind of in a panic. I started calling my family," explains Gideon Spence, Bill's son. The accident happened less than a half mile from Bill Spence's home, but if it had to happen somewhere Gideon and his sister Megan are happy it happened there.

"We were so blessed that Scott was on scene when he was.  I don't think we would have our dad if he wasn't there when it happened," said Megan Spence.

"Everything fell into place and that was what was able to keep my father alive," says Gideon Spence.

Robbins and Mr. Spence still haven't met, but to Gideon and Megan, Robbins is a lifesaver.  "We couldn't be more blessed at this point to have our father still in our lives," says Megan.

"You get put in places for certain reasons," said Robbins.

Whatever that reason is, the Spence family will take it.

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