NC plans to lay 12,000 traps to catch gypsy moths

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An adult male and female Gypsy moth (left to right)

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina agriculture officials are planning to leave 12,000 traps across the state to get a better handle on the size and distribution of the destructive gypsy moth population.

Starting in April, the traps — which are either orange and triangular or green and shaped like milk cartons — will be left on both public and private land.

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler says it’s important for members of the public not to tamper with the traps. They’ll help officials get an idea of how many of the pests are in the state and where they’re located.

Currently only Dare and Currituck counties are under quarantine because of gypsy moths. Agriculture officials are hoping to prevent the further spread of the moths, which can strip entire trees of foliage.

Credit: The Associated Press.

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