Dog runs away after house fire in Elon

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ELON, N.C. -- An Elon couple lost everything in a house fire, but what they’re missing most of all is their 9-year-old Sheltie, Tweeter.

A lightning bolt sparked the fire on March 20. Kim Hensley and his two Shelties were home during the fire. One of the dogs followed Hensley outside, while Tweeter turned around and went back inside toward the couple’s bedroom.

“He took off back in, and that’s where he always goes during a thunderstorm, so that's where we assumed he was,” Kim Hensley said.

For more than two hours, Elon firefighters searched inside the Hensley’s home for Tweeter, but they didn’t find him.

"He’s always been a fast, fast runner,” said Paula Hensley, Kim's wife.

In the past ten days, Tweeter has been seen at least five times in different spots around town. All the spots have been within five miles of his home.

"I sat down on the ground and he was probably about ten feet away, I said, ‘Come on, baby boy. Come to me!’ He was coming and I went (clap), and the noise scared him,” Paula Hensley said.

The Hensleys, their neighbors, and even their other dogs have been on the lookout. If it’s not the Hensley’s home, they hope Tweeter finds one.

"Sooner or later, he may come home. You see the stories about animals that travel thousands of miles to get home," Kim Hensley said.

With only about five miles to make it home, the Hensleys want Tweeter to be one of those stories.