Chocolate milk to stay in Forsyth Co. schools

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Chocolate milk will stay on the lunch lines at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County schools after an outcry stopped the effort to do away with it before the bid really got started.

Superintendent Don Martin said earlier this month that he was convinced removing chocolate milk from the schools was “a change worth making.” But this week Martin said he’d “leave it alone.”

“I got a whole lot more information,” Martin said.

Numerous parents contacted Martin and school board members on the issue, showing heavy support for flavored milk in schools. The chocolate milk offered in the school system is fat free, but it contains 10 grams more sugar per carton than regular milk.

It also has vitamins A and D and calcium, and there was a general feeling that students might stop drinking milk altogether if chocolate wasn’t an option and would miss out on those nutritional benefits.

About 76 percent of the milk the system sells is chocolate milk, according to a breakdown from the system’s nutrition program.

This article was written by Travis Fain and originally published by The Winston-Salem Journal. Click here to read the full story.