Downtown Farmers Market closing in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The Downtown Farmer's Market in Winston-Salem is no longer in business after nearly 20 years.

City officials said the market, which opened in 1992, is now costing more money to run than it makes.

The city will now spend the money budgeted for the downtown market to help the Dixie Classic Farmers Market. Held on Saturday mornings year-round, it has grown to feature more than 40 vendors.

David Sparks with the city said it and other private markets were eventually intended to take over the public downtown market.

"We felt like this was an appropriate time with the other markets being viable now--the private markets--to close this one down, because it's really done its job from what was originally intended," Sparks said.

The city will add contests and cooking demonstrations to the Dixie Classic market starting in May.