Aviation industry still struggling to find qualified workers

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GREENSBORO, N.C -- The Piedmont Triad has built a reputation as one the aviation meccas, but it could be in for a crash landing.

The aviation industry is facing a labor shortage right now. The news of this shortage affects people like Jamie Bullins, a student a Guilford Technical Community College Aviation School the most.

"It's hard in this economy to have enough money to even be qualified for these positions," Bullins said.

Companies like Timco Aviation Services said they're not getting enough qualified people for jobs, and those who apply are just out of school. Kip Blakely, VP of Industry and Sales for Timco said the demand is so great right now that companies are outstripping the system.

Blakely believes another reason is the lack of knowledge about the aviation industry.

"I don't think that the aviation industry has done a good job of educating and explaining to parents what a great career aviation is," Blakely said.

Timco will work with other counties and schools to see if it can recruit more experience people to the booming field.

To look at Timco's openings, go to the Timco Career Center site.