Alleged gunman causes Surry Co. Government Center lockdown

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Deputy Mickey Estes standing guard following the lockdown. (Josh Armstrong/The Mount Airy News)

DOBSON, N.C. — An alleged gunman caused the Surry County Government Center to be placed under lockdown Wednesday afternoon in Dobson.

The Mount Airy News reported that a witness overhead the suspect tell his mother he had a gun around 12 p.m. in the building.

“I think the precise statement reported to us was, ‘I’ve got a pistol. We can take care of this,’” said Social Services Director Wayne Black, according to The Mount Airy News.

The paper reported that the witness told a receptionist and seconds later, all of its buildings were placed under lockdown and people were secured to rooms.

Police reportedly investigated for about an hour before declaring the situation safe. Neither a suspect nor any weapons were found.

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