Several mice found in apartment, woman can’t get out of lease

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Nancy Carrera said she has seen several dead mice in her apartment in the past few weeks, but she said her landlord won't allow her to break her lease or move to another apartment within the complex.

Carrera moved into the Mason Manor Emery Lane Apartments in September, and she said the mice started showing up in February.

"At one point, I had four dead mice in my apartment, two on each glue trap--two in my bedroom and two in the kitchen," Carrera said.

Carrera said she has told her landlord what happened, and an exterminator was called several times.

Several traps were put up in the apartment, and exterminators even put up yellow foam around the vents on the outside to keep mice from coming in.

But all of that hasn't been enough.

"This morning my daughter came out of her bedroom, and she saw one," Carrera said. "I don't eat here. There's absolutely no food."

Nancy has gone as far as calling the health department. In the meantime, she's considering staying with family and friends.

The owner of the apartments said they're doing the best they can do, and they were the ones who called for the exterminator.

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