Students from Greensboro invited to the White House

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Some students from an elementary school in Greensboro are headed to the White House for a hands-on lesson in healthy eating.

Five students from from Sumner Elementary School will visit the presidential estate on Monday afternoon. They will leave on Sunday with two teachers.

They are part of the 35 students nationwide invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to participate in the fourth annual White House Kitchen Garden spring planting.

The children who received invitations wrote letters to Michele Obama about their own gardening experiences.

In a news release, officials said the class wrote to her about planting their own garden and asked for advice on what kinds of fruits and vegetables to include.

They wrote "Thank you for encouraging America to eat better and live healthier. We hope that people continue to eat healthier. Because of your actions, our school is planning on starting a garden."

The Sumner Elementary group was one of only five groups that received an invitation. The other groups are from places such as Pennsylvania, Iowa, New York and Washington, D.C.

Originally planted in 2009, the White House Kitchen Garden became the first vegetable garden on the property since Eleanor Roosevelt.

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