Alamance Co. van cuts impact elderly, disabled

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- At least for now, the elderly and disabled will have to pay full price for trips from the Alamance County Transportation Authority, and trips for errands have been completely cut.

Those are only some of the cuts made after a combination of increasing costs and $64,000 in lost state funding. Dennis Williams, executive director of ACTA, said they hope funding will come through that will allow them to go back to full service in July.

Fares also were increased from $7 to $9, and vans will take people only to and from work, Alamance Community College and doctor's appointments.

"The price compression we had with the reduction from the state and increasing gas prices forced us to make cuts in service," Williams said. "Unfortunately for some of the folks, the belt tightening resulted in things like a reduction of service they depended on for quite some time."

Some of the people affected by the stoppage said off-camera they don't want to depend on family or neighbors to get around.

ACTA is selling two vans and also has cut back on the number of part-time drivers.

Some of the vans cover as much as 300 miles a day.

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