Virginia doctor faces child sex charges

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Telling one Chesterfield resident that the FBI Child Sex Exploitation Task Force had arrested the doctor next door, made her dry heave and she said she didn’t want to look at the affidavit.  She also didn’t want her name used.

Alleged Yahoo Messenger conversations between Dr. David Hite and an undercover detective from Washington, D.C. are graphic and very disturbing.

A federal search warrant reveals computers, cameras, and four articles of soiled children’s clothing were taken from Hite’s home on Old Gun Road in Chesterfield County.  An affidavit states through as multitude of messages through Yahoo emails, even phone conversations, Hite expressed a desire to engage in sexual activity with two specific minors.

“These are felonies that require a lifetime of sex offender registry and many, many years in prison if convicted,” said Todd Stone, CBS 6’s legal expert.

Printed in the affidavit, between February 1st and 17th, the D.C. detective on the FBI task force chatted with Hite, who state he was in “healthcare.” A federal source confirms to CBS 6 Hite is an anesthesiologist at Johnston Willis Hospital.

Legal expert Stone says that could spell even more trouble. “I’m sure they’re looking into if any of this happened on the job,” said Stone. “He’s entrusted with putting people under, and they can very well be investigating if he took advantage. If they find that out, there’s no ceiling on his punishment.”

Hite is innocent until proven guilty, and Stone says detectives will have to prove he was the one using the computer and will use any confessions or comments against him.

Living in a house across the street from the bus stop, one neighbor says news like this is why they’re protective of their children. “Anytime they’re out here, I look out for them,” said the neighbor who didn’t want o be identified. “I don’t let them run around without adult supervision.”

We tried to get Dr. Hite’s mug shot, but D.C. Metro police and jail say it’s against their policy to release photos. Hite is in custody at D.C. Metro Jail. He faces at least three federal charges, all felonies.

NOTE: This article was written by Jon Burkett and Raymond Hawkes and originally published by CBS 6 WTVR.