House Call: Colorectal cancer treatment options

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Exciting new advancements in the treatment of colorectal cancer are prolonging survival, especially in stage 4 diagnoses.

Using various, individualized combinations and schedules of the most advanced intravenous, oral and targeted therapy forms of chemotherapy treatments, the exceptional team of medical oncologists at Cone Health Cancer Center are helping to significantly increase and prolong survival rates in stage 4 colorectal cancer patients.

The collaborative team of medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists and other oncology-related healthcare providers at Cone Health Cancer Center meet in a multidisciplinary clinic each week to develop individualized treatment plans for each colorectal cancer patient.

Often, late stage colorectal cancer has spread to other parts of the body, such as the liver. The radiation oncology department of Cone Health Cancer Center is treating patients with an exciting new advancement called Selective Internal Radiation Therapy, which is a targeted treatment for liver tumors.

To continue in the development of advancements in colorectal cancer treatment, and other forms of cancer, Cone Health Cancer Center participates in many clinical trials, partnering with national and regional cancer and research institutes.

One current trial is studying new medications for stage 4 colorectal cancer patients who do not express the genetic mutation that targeted therapies attack.

The Center is also conducting trials studying ways to ease symptoms and side effects of therapy.  It is always important to ask your oncologist about clinical trials and whether or not you may be a candidate for participation.

Physician Background:

Dr. Lauretta Odogwu is an oncology and hematology specialist at Cone Health Cancer Center. Dr. Odogwu is a 1989 medical school graduate of Royal College of Surgeons.

She completed her residency in Internal medicine at St. Francis Medical Center and University of Pittsburgh; and completed a fellowship in Oncology/Hematology at Georgetown University Hospital.