59-year-old trains with NFL players, prospects

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HARRISBURG, PA — Despite being 59-years-old, one Pennsylvania man trains multiple times each week with professional football players.

According to WHP-TV, Marshall Sacks does leg squats, rope battles, and box jumps alongside NFL players and prospects at the Explosive Sports Performance facility in Harrisburg. He does the 90-minute routine three times each week starting at 9 a.m.

Unlike his training partners in their 20s, Sacks is fixed into his pro workout routine just for the exercise.

“I just feel you get one body; and you might as well do the best you can to take care of it,” Sacks told the station.

Sacks credits yoga for his well being, along with his time spent as a bicycle rider, runner and triathlete.  He also still works as an accountant.

While Sacks may be in unusual physical shape for his age, he said it doesn’t take a professional routine or trainers to attain what he has.

“It’s never too late to start.  Wherever you are, just get started.  Just do something,” he told WHP.

Football players at the facility said Sacks’ determination helps them stay motivated during their workouts.

Source: WHPTV.com