TV movie being filmed in Winston-Salem

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A film crew works on the Hallmark TV movie "The Confession" at the Hutch & Harris restaurant on Fourth Street. (Credit: BRUCE CHAPMAN/JOURNAL)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Hutch & Harris restaurant on Fourth Street was transported to upstate New York on Wednesday, when filming continued on a TV movie being shot in and around Winston-Salem.

Production of “Beverly Lewis’ The Confession” continues this week, with additional filming planned in parts of Forsyth, Randolph and Davie counties.

“Beverly Lewis’ The Confession” will air on the Hallmark Channel later this year or early in 2013. It is the second film in a series based on the works of Lewis, a best-selling writer.

“I had no idea it would be as elaborate a set as it is,” said Greg Richardson, the owner of Hutch & Harris, which was standing in for a restaurant near Rochester. He closed the restaurant for the lunch crowd and came in at 5 a.m. to let the film crew in. “It’s neat to be a part of.”

“The Shunning,” which was shot in 2010 and aired in 2011, revolved around Katie, a young Amish woman who learned she was adopted. In the sequel, Katie (played this time by Katie Leclerc) tries to reunite with her birth mother, Laura (Sherri Stringfield of “E.R.”), who is dying of cancer. But their reunion is complicated by Laura’s scheming husband Dylan (Adrian Paul of “Highlander: The Series”), who is after Laura’s inheritance.

In one of the scenes being shot Wednesday, Katie is on a lunch date when she is confronted by Dylan. Another scene was shot later in the day at Recreation Billiards, which filled in for a New York City bar where Dylan meets a bookie he owes a lot of money to.

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