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New city book predicts areas of job growth in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The City of Greensboro has released its version of what it think the job situation will look like over in the future.

Russ Cregg with Greensboro Planning and Community Development said job growth will likely be in logistics, at the universities and colleges and in the health care industry.

More people will live downtown over the next 10 years, Cregg said.

The city used data from the Census and other sources to come up with its report. Copies can be picked up for free at City Hall.

"A little piece of data can really influence our thinking as to where we need to go as a city," Cregg said.

Those predictions are practically the same as what Downtown Greensboro Inc. came up with.

"So if the city's looking at where do we put our resources, we want to put them in the place that affects the most amount of people. Then downtown clearly rises to the top because we provide those benefits back to that many people," said Ed Wolverton with Downtown Greensboro Inc.

While the city has gained 46,000 people over the last decade, Cregg said the city has seen a decline in manufacturing jobs.

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