Teen lifts car to save grandfather’s life

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IDA TOWNSHIP, MICH. -- A 15-year-old boy lifted a car weighing more than 2,000 pounds to save his grandfather’s life Saturday in Michigan, according to reports.

Ernest Monhollen, 74, reportedly became pinned underneath a ‘91 Buick Century that he and his grandson Austin Smith were working on in Ida Township.

Smith said he was inside the car pumping its brakes when he felt it rock back and suddenly collapse.

Austin reportedly got out and lifted the front end of the car just enough for his grandfather to escape.

He said he doesn’t know how he did it.

“I have no clue probably all the adrenaline. I mean I couldn't do it right now,” Austin said.

Monhollen suffered a serious cut to his face and fractured his ribs and eye socket.

“Well we're very close and I think it might, it'll definitely make us closer,” Monhollen said, of his grandson. “He's a wonderful young man, that's all I can say.”