NC teens advance in ‘Idol’

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Ariel Sprague, left, and David Leathers Jr., right, are both from Fayetteville. (Fox)

Not one but two teens from Fayetteville highlighted on American Idol Wednesday night were among those chosen to advance.

David Leathers Jr., 17, and Ariel Sprague, 16, sang as part of a quintet of “Mercy” by Duffy.

All five members of the “Hollywood Five” got a pass into the next round.

Sprague started off with a soulful performance that had the judges moving, and Leathers turned in another strong performance.

The group of teens had their parents rooting them on just offstage. David has been highlighted many times on the show so far, while this was the first major profiling for Ariel.

On Thursday, Idol’s remaining contestants head to Las Vegas. See how they do in a two-hour episode starting at 8 p.m. only on FOX8.