Puppies seized in Stokes Co. receiving medical treatment

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More than 120 puppies were seized Tuesday in Danbury in what the Humane Society calls one of the worst puppy mills they’ve seen in North Carolina.

About 100 of those animals are being treated at the Guilford County Animal Shelter. Workers said they've received about 50 calls an hour from people wanting to adopt.

The puppies are getting vaccinations, X-rays and treatments for injuries from being left in cages.

The shelter said they do not know when the animals will be medically cleared and ready for adoption.

They said the best way to keep up to date is by following their Facebook page.

Workers said some of the puppies are not used to eating from bowls or walking on a leach.

Bob Slone of Project Bark said the mill is a disgrace.

“I was appalled  by it but I really wasn't surprised because we've seen this time and time again.  This time it was Stokes County, 6 months ago it was someone else,” Slone said.

Libby Scandale, also of Project Bark agrees.

"This represents a tremendous amount of suffering and the suffering is not for five minutes or 10 minutes or even an hour it is constant it is neglect which is a form of suffering for pact animals like dogs,” Scandale said.

Officials said many of the puppies have never had any type of vaccination.

Click here to view photos from inside the suspected mill.

The suspected mill was raided started around 2 p.m. at Dan River Bullies on Bob Mabe Road in Danbury.

Officials with the Humane Society of the United States said the dogs lived on top of each other, had food thrown on the floor next to their feces, were never groomed and had never been vaccinated.

Marsha Williams, director of the Guilford County Animal Shelter, which took in 130 of the animals, said the animals have multiple problems, including eye, skin, and teeth infections.

The rest of the animals were taken to Wake County and Charlotte.

The property is owned by Lucile Mabe, who could face multiple animal cruelty charges.

The site Danriverbullies.com was taken down late Tuesday but listed several breeds for sale for hundreds and thousands of dollars. Breeds included bulldogs, English Bull pups, French Bull pups and Shih Tzu pups.

The Guilford County Animal Shelter is currently accepting food donations. Call them at (336) 297-5020.