East Forsyth High SRO reassigned after alleged incident

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East Forsyth High School

A Kernersville Police officer was suspended this week and reassigned from his SRO position at East Forsyth High School after a family made public a conversation that contains alleged cursing and threats from the officer and a coach at the school.

Mike Muse, a teacher and coach at East, and James Deeney, the school’s resource officer, confronted the boy because Dillon Tschrnko, 15, had raised questions over the number of text messages the coach was sending to a 16-year-old female student.

Tschrnko told the Winston-Salem Journal he had received threats from other students on his Facebook page Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. After the confrontation Jan. 19, his parents enrolled him in a different high school. Tschrnko told the paper he did not go to school the next day.

The conversation, in which Muse threatens to financially ruin the boy’s family, happened in the high school cafeteria. Tschrnko recorded the confrontation — which lasted more than an hour and included profanities and other threats — on his cellphone.

In another recording, Kernersville Police Officer James Deeney warns the boy that a student who accused another popular East Forsyth teacher of sexual misconduct couldn’t return to campus because other students would beat him up. Read the entire story.

On Tuesday, the Kernersville Police Department suspended Deeney for five days and reassigned him from his SRO position, according to a statement.

“Although Officer Deeney has been a good officer, it is felt that he fell short in his SRO responsibilities by displaying poor judgment in recent interaction between a faculty member and a student at East Forsyth High School,” Kernersville Police Chief Ken Gamble said in the statement.

No other information was provided.

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